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6 Exotic Business Travel Locations

If you’re tired of the same old beaches, mountains, and boats, or you are looking for something new to try on your next vacation, give 1 of these 6 exotic locations a try. You just might be surprised by what you’ll find there.

Iceland – While not as exotic as the rest of the list, Iceland is also certainly not a common destination for most Americans. Iceland has some of the most incredible natural phenomena in the world. On a trip to Iceland, you can visit fjords, volcanos, geysers, and waterfalls in one trip, while enjoying the northern lights under perfectly clear skies.

Con Dao Island, Vietnam – This island is almost entirely protected as a natural park, meaning there are incredible views of nature all around you. In addition, you will find world-class beaches, great hiking and outdoor opportunities, and even coral reefs. And for the history buffs, there is also a long history of the island, having served as a prison for hundreds of years.

The Cook Islands – Located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook Islands are made up of 15 small islands. These islands boast incredible beaches, unforgettable views, and seclusion like you won’t …